Mt. Fuji

2020年3月2日 at 09:52

   【Calendar photo of Roky Tanaka】

     Coming out
        From Tago’s nestled cove,
     I gaze:
     white, pure white
     the snow has fallen
         on Fuji’s lofty peak.

               translated by Ian Hideo Levy

This is a superb poem on viewing Mount Fuji by Yamabe Akahito.
Thankfully, on a clear winter morning, I can watch the sun rising over the bank of Tenryu River,
and in the little north side, snowcapped Mt. Fuji glistening in light rose pink by sunshine can be seen.

However, the foot of Mt. Fuji cannot be seen from my temple.
I think the beauty of Mt. Fuji is in the extensive spread of symmetrical foot.

There is a Chinese proverb about the noted Mt. Taishan.
“Mt. Taishan gained its admiration because he had accepted even a tiny lump of earth.”

For me, Mt. Fuji is a symbol of Tolerance accepting everything as it is.