KENSHIN “Devotion”

2020年1月9日 at 22:15

I wrote KENSHIN in calligraphy for the first time in the New Year. Devoting an entire mind and body to the Cosmic Life is to realize a true and happy life. The life of KENSHIN leads you to forget yourself and be free from ego. Many of conflict, distress, uneasiness occur from the attachment of ego. Ego, the sense of self, is not reality but an illusion on the surface of the consciousness, and so when you live with the attachment of ego, you will miss the land of love and creation. The Cosmic Life is not an abstract concept but the reality you are just living. The desk, flowers in the vase in your room, trees, children in the garden, all surroundings here and now are the Cosmic Life. The surroundings you can see is limited but real surroundings are not limited, unbounded. The physical eyes cannot see the boundless surroundings, but inner eyes can see it. Continuous daily practice of Zazen and chanting “Namu Amida-Butsu” and other mantras will open your inner eyes with each passing day, and you will realize that you are already living in the Cosmic Life of love and creation, beyond the limited surface of surroundings. Therefore, trust in the Cosmic Life here and now, and devote whole your mind and body to it.
This spirit is Zen.