Shin Gen

2019年6月20日 at 12:15

“Shin Gen”

We are already living the boundless life including the universe.

We call the Life “Zen Shin: Zen life, or “Shin Gen: the source of life”.

My master Oi Saidan Roshi said many times, “Become the universal life of Mu!” at his Dokusan room.
Of course, Mu is not emptiness but the boundless life including the universe.

Ku Kai, Kobo Daishi , who was the founder of the Shingon School of Japanese Buddhism, said ,

“When the straggling thoughts stop, Shin Gen becomes calm and all the virtues already existing deep inside can be realized as splendid activities of love, wisdom, courage, foreseeing, etc.

Zen is the way to reach the root of it and enjoy the spring of spiritual energy welling up from the bottom of the Life.