Two nice old men

2019年6月9日 at 20:50

There are two nice old men whom I love and respect very much.

After my master Oi-Saidan Roshi passed away, these two old men have become my next masters privately. Both of them are 83, and 10 years older than me.

One is Yukimaru Reibin Roshi who is a Zen Master of Myoshinji Zendo in Kyoto and my Dharma brother.

The other is Kakisaka Mikinosuke Guuji who is the chief priest of the Tenkawa Benzaiten Shrine.

I respected them especially for their basic life postures of devotion “Ken Shin” to the way.

For long time Yukimaru Roshi have practiced Zen Way as same as young Zen Monk “Unsui” in Zendo.

Kakisaka Guuji have gotten up at 3 o’clock to perform his ablutions “Misogi” to pray.

Their behavior of hospitality “Omotenashi” are very natural and many people have deeply touched by their “Omotenashi” spirits.

I feel their “Omotenashi” spirits come up their basic life posture of “Kenshin”.

They must accept all beings as Godhood or Buddhahood.