2021年10月3日 : 花セラピー
Today, we held a workshop in the main hall under the guidance of Kayo Saito, a friend of Syoukouji zazen-kai staff and a flower therapist.
Tea flowers should be arranged while considering the overall balance between the alcove, such as the vases and calligraphy of a hanging scroll.
In flower therapy, you can feel the seasons through flowers, look at yourself, think about someone, enrich your heart, and arrange flowers freely as you feel at that time.
First, we choose the flower card that fits our hearts best.
I chose a crimson rose, and Ai-chan chose a yellow rose.
Now, the colorful flowers are evenly distributed to everyoneYou don't have to use all the flowers, or you can add extra flowers.
Today's flowers are rose (red), spray carnation (pink), rice flower (white pink), gerbera (yellow), mokara (orange), delphinium (light blue), hototogisu (purple), Turkish kikyo (white), Fujibakama (Green), Dracena (green).
Ai-chan, who is always struggling with the flowers in the alcove, seems to enjoy using the colorful flowers as she likes today.
"I love my flower arrangement," she said many times.
Even with the same flowers, each one shines with a different expression.

2021年10月1日 : お知らせ

2021年9月24日 : 歎異抄第10章

2021年9月22日 : 何でもウエルカム

Locked out、 lucky!
After dinner, I organized the area around the wooden deck.
"Dad, I'm going shopping for a while,
What do you want? "Ai-chan (my wife).
"There is nothing else, be careful," said Ko-san (me).
I was tired after working for about half an hour
I thought, "I'll stop working at this point today and take a bath," and when I tried to open the glass door,
"Oh, it's closed!"
The front door of the house and all the windows are correctly locked.
What should I do ... (^. ^;)

Zen is to take anything as a welcome
"OK! Let's do zazen in front of the main hall."
It's cloudy, but it feels good to hear the voice of insects flowing with the cool breeze.
Eventually, it began to rain, like Chopin's "raindrop."
"Ah, I'm lucky to be able to sit at night!" (^ 0 ^)

2021年9月21日 : お知らせ