2021年1月16日 : 素晴らしい出会いの秘訣

2021年1月10日 : 「風の時代」を創造的に生きる
On my YouTube, I want to convey the will of Oi Saidan Roshi to many of the disciples overseas. I think that will is also teaching to live creatively in the "era of the wind."

2021年1月7日 : お知らせ

2020年12月31日 : 歳旦祝偈ー新年を祝う漢詩

The morning sun is shining in the sky on New Year's Day.
The sacred mountain of Fuji shines faintly red.
A new era of shining wind has come.
The road we are going on without ego and by Other powers is entire.

You can look at the rising sun and red Fuji from the second floor of my temple
over the Tenryu River.

2020年12月25日 : 「南無阿弥陀仏」の勧めー寺報「祥光」より


  「あすありと 思ふ心のあだ桜



Namuamidabutsu ? from Temple newsletter
How are you, everyone?
Around this time, I am grateful that we are in the coronavirus pandemic and just living safely with each other. But we do not know when we will die from natural disasters such as cancer, heart disease, traffic accidents, and earthquakes.
Therefore, Zen's teaching is to prepare for such impermanence and live real life here and now with all your heart and soul.

Like the cherry blossom,
the heart planning on tomorrow
is ephemeral indeed?
what sudden storm may not arise
in the middle of the night?
― (Shinran saint).

And the great peace of mind that "I will be able to die in peace " is the culmination of your faith.
To do so, you need to do zazen and meditation, free yourself from all illusional thoughts, and reach a calm and innocent state.
If you are caught up in your fragile tomorrow life and worldly thoughts, you will lose sight of the real-life in front of you. When you are free from all these thoughts, you can realize that each other is alive now and here, and you will know the heartfelt exchange that respects and cherishes each other's lives is of utmost importance.

A 75-year follow-up study of 700 people on "the secret to a happy life" by Harvard University reveals that "good relationships enhance our well-being and health." And "good relationships" are nurtured not by profits and losses, but by "love" that makes you accept the life of the other person as if your own life.
I chant "Namu Amida Butsu" after zazen and before going to bed. Since Namu is "trust and devoted" and Amida Butsu is "infinite light and life," "Namu Amida Butsu" means to vow to trust and devote to eternal life with gratitude. While chanting "Namu Amida Butsu," we can cultivate a state of peace of mind and a heart of love.
Even if you have difficulty in zazen can do "Namu Amida Butsu," so I recommend it highly.